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A better introduction

Time to talk about myself hey, i bloody hate this part lol. I’ve always had a huge passion for music, the past 4 generations of family on my mums side have all played different instruments, my mum played the piano and very briefly the double bass ”to get out of hockey lessons i think she said her reason was”, my grandma played the piano, and her father was a piano teacher, so it was inevitable i would learn the piano at i think the age of 6 or 7.

I got upto grade 4 while having lessons, then when i started high school i was asked to join the schools band and jazz band, they were my first experiences of performing music and ive been hooked ever since. I had a couple of years where i thought it was ”boring” to stay behind a few nights a week and practise when i could be out with friends, but i soon got back on a more musical track around the time of leaving school. I taught myself how to play guitar, then after my first proper tastes of dance music i started to learn to mix and produce, i’ve been playing around making harder edged dance music and djing in bars and clubs for about 10 years now.

At first i was just using software, but over the past couple of years i’ve starting buying more hardware, and with my last purchase ”of a Novation Launchpad” i now have enough to get my live show off the ground. . . . . .And once i’ve taught myself how to use Ableton a bit more than i know at the moment. I’ve been using Fruityloops to produce for the majority of the time i’ve made music so im still just testing the water and what i can get out of Ableton.

My plan is to get a couple more original tracks and a few remixes of some of my all time favourite tracks done over the next few weeks in fruityloops, then to get them with some of my older tracks together, remade in Ableton so i can perform them as opposed to just playing the finished tracks. I love dj’ing but i love the idea of a more hands on performance. Being able to chop and change the track so every performance can be different to the last. Its going to be an interesting few months learning new software and hardware but i can’t wait to get stuck in.

Anyway i’ll stop waffling on for now and get back to what my blog will be mostly about, my work in the studio, i’ve been working on a remix of one of my all time fave Hard Trance tracks, K90 – Breathe over the past week or so. A lot more off than on tbh, ive had a busy few days so have not been able to get as much work done as i would have liked to. The remix is well on it’s way to being complete, there’s a sample on my Soundcloud page, but i’ve done a lot more work to it since that clip, including getting the vocal in key, so if you listen take it with a pinch of salt. Fingers crossed i’ll get it done before the weekend 🙂