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Hello world!

Well hello world of wordpress, and a big hello to the world of blogging. Its taken me a while to get round to it but here is my first post in my first blog!!

Ive been keeping myself really busy recently with my producing, both my usual styles of Hard Dance music but have been trying other genres from House to Breaks, im even writing some punk, as getting a band together is on my ”very long” to do list, so it seemed to make sense to start my blog now, ill be covering what im getting upto in my studio, ill even get clips uploaded as im working on things.

Anyway ill leave you with a couple of links to hear the sort of music i usually make.

www.soundcloud.com/andyrise   is my solo work

www.soundcloud.com/pickupandrise   is the duo i used to be in with ex dj and production partner Matt Pickup.