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What a wonderful weekend!!! Feeling well inspired.

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Saturday morning, the last thing i felt like doing was partying, with a mixture of fatigue after a busy late night studio session and still feeling grim from the bug i had last week i could have happily hibernated all weekend but im not one to miss a party 😉

First we had my partners Uncle Stuart’s 60th birthday at Madely Hall in Telford, an absolutely amazing property, the perfect setting for the event.

Madely Hotel Telford

One highlight of the evening was watching Siobhan go crazy on the dancefloor to The Fratelli’s – Chelsea Dagger, she never dances at parties so i think she shocked a few family members.
Then next up was DAWLEY FEST, a very good friend of mine Rem was having a party at her’s so it would have been rude to not go round being in the area, and like i said before, im not one to miss a party, or catch up with friends.

Dawley Fest

She put her heart and soul into making the party perfect, and perfect would be a complete understatement, it was ever better. Great people, great surroundings, what more could you want. Was the best way to start my birthday week off work. AND ………. I GOT SOME PREZZIES (”,)

My super sized Happy Birthday badge, Shifty the Gnome, a card, signed maraca, super cool guitar glasses and a giant gold medal to go with my collection of medals i’ve been given over the past few years.

Anyway as per im waffling about the weekend when I promised i’d get the clips uploaded from Friday. Well first here’s the collab im doing with a very good friend friend of mine Damien Dobson/Substance D, we have been threatening to collab for ages but with me being in Blackpool and him living in the big smoke that is London it’s hard getting together to get studio time together, but we finally managed to get an afternoon of work done, he had a superb vocal from a movie that we added, used another vocal to bounce off the main vocal, added a few stabs and hoovers and its well on its way. Fri night i added an acid esque sound, its not very prominent once the bassline drops but i think it helps add a bit more dept in the overall sound. The only bit im not sure about is the filter tweaks on the main riff at 2:21. Not sure whether they just need altering or leaving out completely. I’ll get Damo’s imput then take it from there.

Then last but not least my remix of K90 – Breathe. Its coming along nicely now, friday i was editing the vocal cuts you can hear at 38 seconds on the clip. Im still not 100% sure if i am happy with them, i find that a lot when making music. I’ll initially do something, like it, then after hearing it so many times I get bored of it. I think im going to keep it in ”for the time being anyway haha”. My next task on the track is to get the levels and filter sweeps and a few new sounds added for the 2nd breakdown near the end of the clip and get everything ready for the 2nd kick in. Hopefully the next clip i get uploaded will be the finished product.

Im so excited about this week, i’ve got my daughter till Friday, its my birthday on Thursday and after the wonderful weekend i’m feeling well inspired to crack on with some production. Anyway, peace out for now and i’ll be back with another update very soon, very very soon feeling this inspired (”,)


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Here's the bit i always pause at before answering. Well what's to say . . . . Im Andy, im a musician/dj/producer from Blackpool, England. I can't think of that many things that can top my feelings about music, its been a huge part of my life for as long back as i can remember. Ive decided to set up a blog to cover the work im doing in my studio. Will add more to this when my blog is fully set up ('',)

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