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Yeah I’ll hopefully get them done for the weekend i say, then i wake up the next morning feeling like death warmed up. So I have not had half the time I would have liked working on my remix and another track I was hoping to have almost done. I do get 10 points for bravery for “manning up” and going to work though 🙂 but after a full day at work the only thing I wanted to get upto was get comfy in bed with a funny dvd, oh the rockstar life I lead hey.

I can be a bit of a workaholic when it comes to something I’m passionate about so much to the dismay of my other half I was up rather late last night polishing one off “and I do mean track, you filthy minded things” and getting an outro added to my remix so I can play them both this weekend. No gigs this weekend but I’ve a couple of parties in Telford, one with some very close friends I met through the scene I work in so I really wanted to get them done for them.

Just on the motorway so I can’t upload what I got done last night but I’ll get clips uploaded when I get back home 🙂


Author: andyrise

Here's the bit i always pause at before answering. Well what's to say . . . . Im Andy, im a musician/dj/producer from Blackpool, England. I can't think of that many things that can top my feelings about music, its been a huge part of my life for as long back as i can remember. Ive decided to set up a blog to cover the work im doing in my studio. Will add more to this when my blog is fully set up ('',)

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